We will rise with the sun to begin our 5-hour hike, starting with a section of the Inca Trail that few have visited. We will cross the Urubamba River at Km 82, and we will follow the bed of the Urubamba River, creating a space of adventure between us and the other walkers. We will take our first break in the community of Miskay, after a short break we will arrive at the archaeological group of Llactapata, beautiful Inca construction consisting of enclosures of stone structures from the Inca period. There you will receive historical information about the place, take photographs and continue walking to the community of Tarawoq where you will enjoy a charming lunch We continue our journey through the Hanging Valley of Cusichaca, passing by houses inhabited by farmers and shepherds, until we reach the Andean community of Huayllabamba. We will set up camp for the night at our camp in Huayllabamba…


We will start the day very early in the morning climbing to the highest part of the walk. From here, the cobbled Inca trail ascends dizzyingly crossing an ancient native forest that bursts into the melodies of endemic birds. The road begins to level out reaching Llulluchapampa, located just below the first Abra. Here, we will experience stunning views of Nevado Huayanay and a first glimpse of the rare Andean cloud forest of Queuña (Polyepis trees). Its red bark peels off into sheets equal to paper, hence the name “Paper Tree.” After a short rest we will continue ascending at a steady pace towards the Warmiwanusqa Pass (The Pass of the Dead Woman) (4200 m / 13,692 feet) where we will find panoramic views of the terrain we have just conquered. We will have a real sense of triumph having reached this challenging high point of the journey. The Abra is called that because its profile resembles that of a reclining woman. This peak is almost 1800 m (5,905 ft) higher than Machu Picchu itself! Then we will begin our descent to the Pacamayo River that will appear in front of us. Campsite, lunch, dinner, wonderful place to spend the second night…


Today we will continue climbing to the second pass of the walk at 3920 meters above sea level, we begin by ascending to the archaeological group of Runkuraqay to do our second Abra (3920 m). From here, we will walk downhill to the Sayacmarca site along the original Inca trail, passing through a dry lake and the first samples of the Andean Cloud Forest. Many plants and animals make this place their habitat, including endemic species that are not found elsewhere. We will be able to see hummingbirds, butterflies and delicate orchids of many bright colors.
This walk on a cobblestone trail offers a break from the day’s arduous climbs and challenging descents. Now we can catch our breath a little and admire the incredible views of the beautiful Aobamba Valley. We will continue along the ridge through spectacular landscapes admiring, on the west side, views of the snow-spattered Salkantay. To the north we will see the Nevado Pumasillo outlined on the horizon. We continue along the flagstone road until we reach Phuyupatamarca, whose name in Quechua means “place at the edge of the clouds.” This Inca construction contains an irrigation system that was built over five centuries ago and still operates to this day. Now, the Inca trail made up of many steps begins to turn steeply downwards, taking us into the Andean cloud forest towards the renowned and well-preserved Inca construction of Wiñayhuayna (“Eternally Young or forever young”), where you will spend the third night and They will say goodbye to the porters.

Finally, the day we have all been waiting for has arrived; the day we get the first view of the Machu Picchu citadel! Early, but without rush; We will wake up to see a glorious sunrise. We will follow in the footsteps of the Incas, exactly the same path they once used. We will continue walking for two hours through the dense vegetation until we finally reach the Intipunku (the Gate of the Sun). In this place we will be able to appreciate a spectacular first view of the magnificent citadel of Machu Picchu and appreciate how it extends below us. After contemplating the glorious view, we will go down to the Machu Picchu control. After using the bathroom services, we will pass again through the Machu Picchu control where we will enjoy a three-hour guided tour at the top of one of the most iconic civilizations in South America. . We will explore the different sectors, appreciating ancient homes, temples, and iconic stone structures. During the exploration of this mystical site, we will feel that we have entered a dream of times past. Touring the ancient Inca structures that are perfectly camouflaged with the nature around them, will leave us with a feeling of awe and reverence that we can only experience once in a lifetime. Once the visit is over, we will go down to the town to enjoy a great lunch (Lunch is NOT included) before taking the train that will take us back to Ollantaytambo and bus to Cusco.

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